RC Knuckle Boom Truck Crane

16 05 2017

1/16th Scale Knuckle Boom “Hiab” Plans for the Model Engineer

The Project is now in the finishing stages and plans will be available in AutoCAD and Adobe PDF format and CNC G Code will be included in the plan set for those model makers that wish to cut the parts on a Laser or CNC Router.

Decals will also be included in the plan set.

The plans are suitable for making a Radio Controlled replica, but no hydraulics are covered in the plan set and this should be considered an advanced builders option.

Watch this space for updates!!!!

or Contact me for more details at www.John-Tom.com or www.ReplicaPlans.com




1/16th Model Truck and Semi Trailer Plans

12 05 2017

Latest project underway.


4 Axle Tractor Unit with Knuckle Arm Crane with Low Loading Trailer.

Scale is 1/16th and is compatible with the existing 1/16th Excavator Plans available from John-Tom.com

and also at ReplicaPlans.com

Template Plan Set will be available soon !!!!!



Truck and Crane Plans and Drawings

1/16th Model Truck and Semi Trailer Plans with Knuckle Boom Truck Crane

Crane and Truck Plans 1/16th scale Template Plans

1/16th Model Knuckle Boom Truck Crane