Fishing at Bungsamran for Giant Catfish and Carp

28 08 2008

More fishing at Bungsamran – These videos have been compiled from the last two fishing trips with the odd older photo thrown in for good measure.

At Bung Samran in Bangkok there are world record breaking fish, Mekong Giant Catfish over 130kg and Siamese Giant Carp over 100kg. so the normal tackle is very heavy duty.  The normal for Thai fishermen is a Rod similar in length and strength to a boat rod and a multiplier reel with PE braid rated at 40 to 80 lbs

Westerners tend to use the hire rods from the 7 Seas Tackle Shop at Bung Samran which are a little longer with fixed spool reel (similar to a Shimano Baitrunner) – perfectly good for the job.

The lighter tackle has to be used with care – bait, presentation and depth suited to the smaller Striped Catfish and the other smaller residents and is best only attempted with a guide or experienced local fishermen.

Heavy Tackle

Light Tackle Video

More info is available at my website on the fishing page

Carp Fishing In Bangkok

9 07 2008

Last Sunday was the first time in a couple of months that I had been able to get out fishing and I have missed it!

Bung Samran Pier

Bung Samran Pier

We decided to have a full day at it so at 0730 hrs we where setting up on the central pier at Bung Samran before the night fishing crowd had packed up.

We had decided to fish for Carp – Siamese Giant Carp and Mekong Giant Catfish – a giant day.  We had 3 rods between us so dedicated one rod each for the carp and catfish and one rod for lucky dip.

The Carp and Catfish bait is primarily “Lam” or “Ram”, this is rice bran which is one of the by-products of rice milling.  The secret of success is in the bait preparation and both the carp and catfish have their preferred additives and texture for the Lam.  The mixes are a constant source of conversation around the fishing park and  I think every guide and regular customer has their own recipe,  some share some keep it a secret.

Giant Mekong Catfish

Giant Mekong Catfish

Giant Siamese Carp

Giant Siamese Carp

We good day and where kept busy all day with over 20 fish caught between us including our target species of Carp and Catfish and a couple of bonus fish with the luck dip rod using chicken fillet as bait.

Chao Phraya Catfish - Pangasius Sanitwongsei

Chao Phraya Catfish - Pangasius Sanitwongsei

Pacu - Colossoma Brachypomum

Pacu - Colossoma Brachypomum

The  Pacu is omnivorous and can be caught with almost anything you can get to stay on a hook.  The Chao Phraya Catfish is a predator which eats mainly small fish – in Bung Samram the diet is mainly Tilapia

Chao Phraya Catfish Mouth

Chao Phraya Catfish Mouth

The mouth of the Chao Phraya Catfish is lined with very small teeth which are velcro like in feel and appearance and these are used along with a strong bite to grind up the particularly spiky and spiny Talapia ready for digestion

More information can be found at my web site fishing page The page has details of various fishing venues in and around Bangkok along with prices and fishing tour recommendations

Thai Freshwater Fish – Giant Gouramy

9 07 2008

The Giant Gouramy (Osphronemus Gouramy) or Pla Raad as the locals call it are a common freshwater fish in Thailand.  I caught this fish at Bungsamran  last year when it was only 2 inches long and decided it would move in with us.

One year later and it measures a healthy 11.5 inches long and has outgrown two fish tanks.  The fish reach enormous sizes in the wild – up to 27.5 inches or 700mm in length so I have probably not purchased my last fish tank.

The gouramy eats fish pellets and is primarily vegitarian but will eat basically anything you put in the tank including small fry fish if it is hungry – it also splashes around when annoyed by missing a feed – quite a character

If you live in Bangkok you can buy one at the morning market outside JJ Mall every Thursday morning.  This is the wholesale fish dealers venue next to Chatuchak Weekend Market and as usual you can buy anything from a Goldfish to a Giant Siamese Carp at wholesale prices.

Giant Gouramy
  • Giant Gouramy

  • World Class Fishing in Bangkok

    29 05 2008

    You would not associate Bangkok with great fishing but it has a few hidden jewels – one is Bung Samran

    Located on Nawamin Road on the outskirts of Bangkok it holds 10 IGFA world Records for freshwater fish and is about 20 acres in size with depths up to 12m – it holds the Giant Mekong Catfish in large numbers and the biggest ones are reported to be over 120kg or 265lbs and has rumours of a 300lbs plus Arapiama and carp upto 240lbs

    My personal bests out of Bung Samran are a Giant Mekong Catfish at 71kg (156lbs) and a Siamese Giant Carp at 22kg (48lbs) – Check out my Fishing in Thailand page on my website for more photographs and details

    Mekong Giant Catfish 71kg Bungsamran Fishing Giant Siamese Carp

    What else can you do in Bangkok? – more to come in the next couple of days


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