Jet Engine Plans

Fully functional Jet Engine Plans, Turboprop Plans along with instructions are available from on the jet Engine Page.

This page contains links to my website where downloadable plans and information on working miniature jet turbine engines are available Free

The plans are of models that are generally regarded as obsolete in the rc jet world, but they are an ideal starter if you wish to make your own jet engine

Research the subject well before you start. There are lots of forums, groups and websites to help you.

I purchased “Gas Turbine Engines for Model Aircraft” by Kurt Schreckling, ISBN 0951058916 Traplet Publications – all you need to start.

I would not recommend making one to put on an aircraft and fly – buy one, it is cheaper in the long run – See PST Jets Thailand for good quality proven engines.

Build your own Jet Turbine Engine on a shoestring, use a Turbocharger – ful plans and instructions along with theory and calculations – click here to go to the site

KJ66 Incomplete Upgrade Plans

German Gas Turbine Plans in Catia3D format

TRJ-300 Garrett Jet Engine Research Papers

German Model Gas Turbine Autocad Drawings

Jet Turbine, Turboprop Jet Engine Plans and Full Instructions

Gluhareff pressure jet

The Gluhareff pressure jet , an air breathing engine with no moving parts apart from valves. Full Details and complete plans and photographs are available for free download on my website – www.
The Gluhareff pressure jet is a remarkable engine. It is a pure jet, producing thrust using the standard open Brayton cycle sequence of compression, heat addition by combustion, and expansion.

However, unlike the gas turbine, the work required for compression of the air is not obtained by mechanical work extracted by a turbine in the hot gas stream. Instead, the compression is driven by a Rankine cycle using the propane fuel as the working fluid.

Heat from the exhaust gas is used to vaporize the pressurized liquid fuel. The hot, high pressure propane gas is then expanded through a sonic nozzle into a series of intake ducts, where it entrains and compresses enough air to support approximately stoichiometric combustion.

Plans are in a Zipped file 2.2mb in size and include instructions and Patent Docs and Plans.

Additional documentation on the NACA Helicopter Jet tests are also included in the download list

Russian Pulse Jet

Plans for a Russian Designed Pulse Jet – This is a scaled down version of a large pulse jet designed with model flight in mind.

The instructions for this model have had a cursory translation from Russian and although not perfect the instructions are easily followed.  Plans are in pdf format and are 610kb in size

Jet Motor Model ZME Pulse Jet

A plan drawn up in March 1945 by the Aircaft-Jet & Rocket Corp in the USA, this Pulse Jet Engine Plan if for a jet engine suitable for model projects and has suggestions for mounting on a model boat or aircraft

Plans are in pdf format and are 1.9mb in size

Mechanical Engineering Papers on Pulse Jets

The papers are from Mechanical Engineers studying for Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. They are in pdf format and are free to downloadThere is a great amount of information, plans, test results and failures detailed in the reports – a must read if you are planning on building a homemade Pulse Jet Engine.

Turbocharger Turbo Jet Engine

A Step By Step Guide with detailed instructions on how to make your own homemade turbo jet engine from a turbocharger

This Booklet was written by E Springer in 2001 and is a commonly quoted source for Turbocharger based Jet Turbines

Check out my website fr more details and free downloads

A short film on the development of the jet engine is in two parts below – interesting to see that Sir Frank Whittle plays himself in the film


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