Hobbies and Passtimes

RC Helicopter with Elephants in the background

Rc In Thailand

Remote control Flying in Thailand, reviews of airfields around Bangkok with pictures and 360 panorama photographs and gps co-ords are on my mains site – www.john-tom.com

Google Earth kmz file are included for most airfields. RC Clubs on the increase in Thailand and over the last 5 years the number of organized flying clubs in Bangkok has gone from 2 to over 6 in 2007. See RC Thailand

Airsoft Paintbal and Air Gun Plans

Airsoft, Paintball and Combat Survival Games

Take a look at the sport of paintball and the related combat survival games in Bangkok Thailand and the surrounding areas. Photographs of clubs and fields and Combat Zones and details of camouflage and Sniper Ghillie Suits are available at Airsoft and Paintball in Thailand

Hovercraft in Thailand and Bangkok

Hovercraft – Full Size & RC

Videos and Photographs of my hovercraft and free plans for RC and full size craft are on john-tom Detailed Photographs of my homebuilt hovercraft and RC hovercraft with plans and instructions for bag skirts and finger skirt construction. Watch the test videos of my Radio Controlled Hovercraft and the improvements made with each new model. Full Sized hovercraft plans and the build log to go with it – free download plans and instructions to build a hovercraft in Thailand

Powerboat Racing In Bangkok

RC Power Boat Racing

Videos and photographs of RC Power Boat Racing in Bangkok Thailand and surrounding areas – Details on Electric Brushless set ups, 26cc Zenoah Powered Deep V hulls and Outrigger Hydro hulls, set ups and race video along with stepped hydroplane plans free to download – Home built Radio Controlled Drag Racing Boats all at RC Power Boats in Thailand

Longtail Boat Racing in Thailand

Thai Longtail Boat Racing

Very fast, no helmets, no life jacket and no engine cut off – just pure drag racing with 150 cc engines in a boat most would consider a model – then there is the unlimited cc twin cylinder class – click the picture for more.. The Thai Stepped Hull Hydroplane – more details at Longtail Boat Racing

RC Tiger Tank 1/8 scale in Thailand

RC Battle Tank – Scratch Build 1/8 scale

Build your own large scale RC Battle Tank – find plans to build a full function BB firing Tiger Tank – Main Gun firing at 300 fps and machine gun firing at 200fps – Plans and build pictures to make a large scale RC Battle tank from scratch – free plans and instructions with detailed build pictures .Also Chinese Pershing Tank 1/16 scale – repainted – all available at RC Tiger Tank in Thailand

RC Boats and Plans in Bangkok Thailand

RC Ships and Boats

Free Boat Plans and ship plans with build pictures of a semi scale 1.4m long Frigate, a clyde Puffer inshore craft and a large cargo ship project

Latest addition is a Brigantine Sailing ship that was scratch built from plans with the hull made from foam cored epoxy/glass composite

Free Download Plans, videos, photos and comments and instructions for download – RC 5 channel Square Rigger with build photographs and plans to build a Brigantine – if you are interested in building your own models – read more at RC Ships and Boats in Thailand

Fishing in Thailand for big fish

Fishing In Thailand

A look at Fishing for world record breaking Mekong Catfish, Striped Catfish and Siamese Giant Carp in Bangkok and other areas in Thailand

Catch reports and General Info and recommendations with Tackle set ups and Contact numbers for recommended Fishing Guides if you go alone and for Fishing Tour Companies if you want the better way – Also photos and videos of my catches and experiences – more info at Fishing in Thailand

Free Steam Engine Plans

Steam Engine Plans and Jet Engine Plans

A collection of free steam engines plans including some of Elmer’s engine plans. Easy to build wobbler steam engines up to very complex multi cylinder engines, wood beam, scotch yoke, marine and many more.. Most of these projects can be built with a mini lathe and drill press and normal hand tools – no castings are needed. The easy engine plans use bar stock for all parts and the more advanced steam engine plans will require extensive cutting and filing if no mill or cnc machine is available. Why not try your hand toady with Jet Engines and Live Steam in Thailand


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