Inert RPG -7 Rocket Launcher Replica Plans

12 05 2017

RPG -7 Rocket Launcher Replica Plans

Ручной Противотанковый Гранатомёт,

Ruchnoy [Hand-held] Protivotankovyy [Anti-Tank] Granatomyot [Grenade Launcher]

A full scale 1:1 Inert replica of the RPG-7 Rocket Launcher are now available from and Replica

Full scale plans and receiver Template Plans with Dimensions and Inert Rocket Plans

This Inert Replica has no working parts and can not fire any projectile.  Fabricated from Wood and Plastic – No Metal Parts

RPG7 Replica Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher RPG 7 Replica Plans

All plans are full size and consist of 10 Pages of Large Format,A0, A1 and A3 sized plans to make a 1:1 Scale replica of the RPG-7 in Adobe PDF format and AutoCAD DXF Format

The Plan Set for the construction of the Full Sized 1:1 Scale RPG-7 inert Replica cosists of:

42 page build photo album

A1 x 2 No. Full Sized Sheets in PDF Format

A3 x 7 No. Full Sized Sheets in PDF Format

A0 x 1 No. Full Sized Sheets in PDF Format

10 No. Full Sized AutoCAD DXF format Drawings

3 No. Full Sized AutoCAD Parts machining Files in DXF format for CNC Use

Instructions on Printing and Unit conversion.

RPG 7 Plans RPG 7 Blueprints RPG 7 Blueprints and Dimensions

RPG7 Dimensions

For more information go to or  Replica




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