Full Size 6 Pounder Naval Cannon Plan Set

25 05 2013

6 Pounder Naval Connon – Full Size Replica Plans from John-Tom.com

Plans to build a full sized replica of a 6 pounder Naval Cannon.

navy Cannon Plans Full Size Replica Cannon Plans Replica Cannon Plans

The Dimensions of the Inert Replica Cannon are listed below:

Carriage Length 950mm (37.5″)

Carriage Width 435mm (17″), Axle Width 680mm (26.5″)

Cannon Barrel Length 1600mm (63″)

Total Length 1650 (65″)

Height 610mm (24″)

Cannon Plans Naval Cannon Plans Full Size 6 Pounder Cannon Plans

Plans to build a Full Sized Replica Cannon


The plan set includes the following

20 AutoCAD dxf files detailing the Carriage and Inert Replica Barrel Construction, full sized cutting templates and assembly drawings

40 page Build Photograph Album to assist in making the replica.

20 Adobe PDF file copies of the AutoCAD files

Go to John-Tom.com or ReplicaPlans.com to view full details of the Full Sized 6 pounder Naval Cannon Plans




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