Model Boat Frame Kit Plans and AutoCAD Drawings

3 04 2013

AutoCAD Files and GCODE to “Cut Your Own” Frame Kit

Model Boat Frame Kits Wooden Frame Kits

CNC and Laser Cut Frames

Quality Plans for model builders from John-Tom.comAphroditeFrameSet

Accurate aligned frames are the foundation for a high quality plank on frame model. Save hundreds of hours of time when making a Plank on Frame Boat or Ship Model by starting with Accurately machine cut frames.

Buying a ready cut frame kit is very expensive, use our files with your chosen CNC workshop and have your frame kit cut for the fraction of the cost.

Baby Bootlegger Frame Kit Plans Flyer Frame Kit plans for Laser and CNC Flyer Hydroplane Frame Kit plans


Files are compatible with Laser Cutting CNC machines and CNC milling machines.

Please note that Frame Kit Plans are just that, Frame Drawings and Profile Vector Graphics only, no instructions or photographs just vector lines and tool paths and GCode to enable you to produce professional quality Laser Cut or CNC Milled Frames for your Plank On Frame Model Boat Project.

Frame Kit Plans enable Laser or CNC Cutting of Frames for the chosen model.

Each Plan Set contains the Frame Part Profiles in AutoCAD .dxf and .dwg files for Laser Cutting parts along with suggested tool path vectors for traditional CNC end mill cutting.



Sheet Size are generally 350mm x 600mm maximum with parts nested to provide adequate clearance for both Laser Cutting and Router CNC Machining (with the Tool size specified)

The Frame Kit Plan set can also be printed out full size via CAD software and used for Scroll Saw cutting by hand if the die hard modelers wish to be more traditional.

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