Wilesco Live Steam Roller Model

9 08 2012

I saw this live steam engine model road roller for sale in a shop in Hemer, Germany over 20 years ago, I just had to buy it.

It has followed me around the world on my travels and is still in full working condition, but maybe not the most polished of Brass Steam Engines.

To be honest I prefer the patina look to the highly polished brass, after all it is a live steam model of a Road Roller.

It takes about 10 minutes to reach full steam if the boiler is filled with warm water to start with.

The solid fuel firebox provides heat to boil the water in the brass boiler and a glass sighting window allows you to see the water boiling inside the boiler and also allows you to monitor the level of water inside the boiler.

It is important that you do no let the boiler run dry while running or permanent damage will occur.

The video below was taken a couple of years ago and shows the double acting cylinder maintaining a slow idle on very low pressure steam.  This is something the Mamod Steam Engines are unable to do because of their use of single acting cylinders in a wobbler (or oscillating) design.

The Wilesco system uses double acting cylinders with a slide valve arrangement and lubrication point.

More details on Steam Engines and steam engine plans and blueprints to make your own live steam train or traction engine are available at






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