RC King Tiger Tank – 1/6th Scale

2 08 2012

It has taken 2 years to finally get my 1/6th scale Tiger 2 Radio Controlled tank moving under power.

2 number 12V lead acid batteries provide the 24 volts required to move this 48kg monster of a scratch build model.

RC Servos are used to switch power to the two high torque motors which are attached by a chain drive to the two drive wheels.

A toothed belt drive is used to provide traction to the tracks.

The tank is capable of carrying a load of at least 50kg and still have some travel left in the suspension.

Please visit the RC Tank web page on John-Tom.com for more details.

Free Plans and Build photographs of this project are available free from http://www.john-tom.com/RCtank/RCTank.html

A short video clip of the first rolling test is below:




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