Fly Fishing in Thailand – Pilot111

22 07 2012

After being away from Pilot111 for over a year, my return last week confirmed that it is still my favorite pay fishing venue.

Fly Fishing for Giant Sankehead at Pilot 111 – Fly Fishing at Pilot11 Video

Things have got better, yes even better than it was.  They now offer accommodation (see Bangkok Hookers blog for more details) and the Giant Snakeheads are now at the 4.5 to 5kg mark – even 50 lb shock leader will not do the business if the line goes near the teeth.

A new toilet block has been built and is clean and tidy and well looked after.

I counted 5 other anglers who were Fly Fishing on my visit, so it is gathering pace and more Thai anglers are getting “hooked” on Fly

I have updated the Fishing in Thailand and Fly Fishing in Thailand Pages and included some new video clips and the location of a well stocked Fly Fishing Tackle Shop in Bangkok – yes you CAN buy fly fishing gear here in Thailand.




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