Tiger 2 Main Battle Tank 1/6th scale Scratch Build

15 04 2011

The replica Tiger Tank is 1.7 m Total Length (including Barrel) 1.16 m long (Hull) and 0.62 m wide.

The Tank is Radio Controlled and fires Airsoft 6mm pellets at 400ft/sec from the main Gun

The all up weight of the tank including the two 12v motorcycle batteries that power it is approaching 60kg

RC Tiger 2 Tank Plans RC 1/6th Scale King Tiger Tiger tank plans

After a long delay due to other commitments, I have finally got around to finishing the body of the Radio Controlled 1/6th Scale King Tiger Tank.

The project was started two years ago and put on hold due to other projects and fly fishing reducing its priority to almost zero.

With a couple of days off over the Thai Songkran Holiday I decided to finish the King Tiger Tank rather than join in the water soaked mayhem of Thailand’s water festival celibrations. – More information on the Thai Songkran Holiday and what to do is at Bangkok Hookers Blog 

TigerII Tank repica King Tiger Tank Plans  Tiger 2 1/6th scale

A new track system has been used, more reliable than the one used on the Tiger 1 model and a more robust drive.

The wheels used are old Supermarket Trolley Wheels – very cheap as they are changed out and discarded at regular intervals, just ask the maintenance department at your local.

The drive wheels at the front of the tank are T-Belt pulley wheels available free for most Toyota service centers as they are changed out every 20,000 km and discarded.

The power is transmitted to the rubber tracks via Timing belts bonded to the rubber track, again the Timing belts are free if you ask in the right place.

tiger tank palns Tiger 2 Plans and Blueprints 1/6th scale Scale King Tiger Tank

Tiger 2 Plans King Tiger Tank Konigs Panzer Plans

The Track Wheels have been built with a small amount of suspension travel, just enough to take the shock of any obstruction and protect the axles and drive.

I have uploaded the template plans and Build photographs for this project and they are available by clicking the links below

The plans consist of cutting templates for the main parts in AutoCAD format and a 130 Page Build Photograph album for reference.

Tiger Tanks Plans King Tiger Tank Build Plans Tiger Tank Build 1/6th scale rc tank

The plans are available free of charge and the files are in AutoCAD and Adobe PDF format and approximately 8 Mb in size

1/6th scale RC King Tiger Tank Plan Download




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