Bazooka 2.36-Inch AT Rocket Launcher M1A1 Inert Replica

13 04 2011

A full scale 1:1 inert replica of the Bazooka 2.36” Anti Tank Rocket Launcher from WW2.
Full scale plans and receiver Template Plans with Dimensions are available at

Bazooka Plans Bazooka Blueprints Bazooka Replica Plans

The plan set includes a free copy of the Technical Manual for the  M1A1 AT Rocket Launcher TM 9-294 dated 27 September 1943 in PDF format along relevant build photographs to produce a 1:1 full scale replica of the Bazooka M1A1 2.36-Inch Anti Tank Rocket Launcher.

All plans are full size and consist of 13 Pages of Large Format, A1 and A3 sized plans to make a 1:1 Scale replica of the Bazooka in Adobe PDF format and AutoCAD DXF Format.

Bazooka Rocket Launcher Plans Bazooka Rocket Launcer M1A1 Plans Blueprints Bazooka Blueprints download
Dimensioning direct from Adobe Reader Software has been enables in all plans. Plan Package is sent via email in PDF and AutoCAD DXF formats

Please note that this replica will not chamber or fire live Rockets or any ammunition.

Bazooka Build Plans And Templates
The plan set is designed for conversion to Airsoft AEG firing 6mm plastic pellet at a max 1Joule muzzle energy.
The Plan Set for the Bazooka M1A1 Rocket Launcher consists of:
8 pages of A3 Full Size 1:1 Plans and Templates in Adobe PDF and AutoCAD DXF Format
2 pages of A1 Full Size Assembly and Parts Templates and Drawings in Adobe PDF and AutoCAD DXF Format
3 Pages in Large format  1:1 scale drawings of the Bazooka M1A1 and Early Version
35 Page Build Photograph Album


Click Here to go to the Plans set for the Bazooka Rocket Launcher




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