Naval 18 Pounder Cannon Replica

23 02 2011

navy cannon replica plansNavy Long Cannon

Miniature Naval Long Cannon Plans – make your own museum piece with plans from

Plans to make a replica Bronze and hardwood 18 pounder Naval cannon

The plans to build your own valuable Bronze 18 pounder naval cannon come in full size AutoCAD and full size A3 Adobe PDF plans

The plan set consist of :

4 full Sized AutoCAD DXF drawing files showing all parts and assembly for the replica Cannon

4 A3 Sized Adobe PDF files showing all parts and assembly for the replica Cannon

4 historical reference files for detailing your replica

a 54 page build photograph album to assist in the making of your replica cannon

black powder cannon plans 18 pound cannon plans

All plans are full size and consist of 4 Pages A3 sized plans to make a Replica Naval Cannon.

Dimensioning direct from Adobe Reader Software has been enabled in all PDF format plans.

AutoCAD files in DXF format are included in the plan set to enable scaling to any size required

All Plans are compatible with CNC and 3D software packages.


Replica Dimensions:

Length overall: 8.5″ (216mm )

Length of barrel: 8″ ( 203mm)

Bore 0.433″ (11mm)

Width at touch hole 1 5/32 ” (29mm)

Width, front reinforcing band at muzzle 7/8″ (22.5mm)”

Weight 2.1 lbs (784g)

Click here for the 18 pounder Naval Cannon Plan Set





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