Fly Fishing at Pilot 111

20 12 2010

Another great morning of flicking flies at my favourite fishing pond.

Accompanied by my Minister Of Finance and youngest daughter Jenny we arrived at Pilot111 just before 0800hrs.

The target fish was the Giant Snakehead (Channa micropeltes)


Having the lakes to myself, I perched on the small wooden jetty and waited for a snakehead to come up to the surface for a gulp of air.  Two Giant Snakeheads turned in front of me, about 10m out.

One cast put me 2m past the fish and I waited for the leader line to sink with the rabbit fur fly (tied to imitate a small eel)

A few swift strips on the line hooked a Snakehead, fight on!

I agreed to follow the fish off the jetty and along the bank for a short distance before it decided it would be easier having a face to face meeting on the bank.

I usually use my 8wt rod as some of the fish are big.  At the moment the largest are about 6kg and this figure is steadily increasing as the fish grow in the protected environment at Pilott 111.

This time I was using my 6 wt so a little more playing was needed to persuade the fish to do what was needed.

A lot depends on where in the mouth you manage to hook the fish.

If your line gets near the teeth it will all be over, even with 50lb shock leader as one particularly energetic fish demonstrated to Oz (Bangkok Hooker) last week .

Luckily I hooked this one in the corner of the mouth and could play the fish to the bank.

Noy was on hand to photograph the events so we have a record of the action.

If you want to fish at Pilot 111, the directions, GPS coordinates and Google Maps files are available for download on my website on the Fly Fishing pages

The teeth of the Giant Snakehead are razor sharp as I found out a couple of weeks back.  If you try and unhook the fish with your hands, you will not beat the fishes “snap to the side” reflex and you will end up with an unwanted finger piercing.  You will notice from the photographs that I have moved on from that embarrassing indecent and now always use pliers to retrieve my fly.

Stay Safe ,





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