Fly Fishing For Giant Snakehead Fish (Channa micropeltes)

11 12 2010

Fly Fishing for Giant Snakehead in Thailand for the visiting angler has, until recently, needed a guided trip to a reservoir with the associated costs for fishing tour company along with travel and accommodation.

This has now changed with the introduction of the Giant Snakehead Pond at Pilot 111.

“Stocked Pond” immediately puts off many true blood sport anglers, but if you have never fished for Giant Snakehead or just need to brush up on your technique before a jungle or reservoir trip, this new venue is a must to visit.

Being just over 40km outside Bangkok, Pilot 111 is within the comfort zone for a day trip, even in Bangkok’s famous traffic jams.   The day ticket price is only THB 500 for the day – more details on prices etc are on the Fishing in Thailand Pages of www.

There is relatively little information available on Fly Fishing for these top predators, what fly to use? what retrieve? what tippet and leader?  Of course the commercial Fly Fishing Guides will not share the “Secret” information.

Having fished for the Giant Snakehead in the wild and at Pilot 111, the difficulty and methods used are almost identical, the only difference being the comfort and convenience level and the fact that you know the fish are definitely there at Pilot111.

I have used many different fly patterns to attract the Giant  Snakehead, but the Rabbit Fur Eel and black & green streamers seem to get most hits.   Having seen the flies used by the experienced local fly fishermen, there is not too much of a secret to be kept about the fly types, they will attack almost anything  that moves.

I think the answer is to be able to cast where the fish are, watch them rise and cast onto them or cast along the edges of the bank or reed beds.

I have watched a local Fly Fisherman deliberately cast onto the bank and jerk the fly into the water to imitate a small frog or insect dropping off the bank, it worked well for me when I shamelessly copied him.

Keep the leader short, less than 6 feet and tippet suitable to survive the teeth of the Snakehead.

More detail on Fly Fishing in Thailand are available at Fly Fishing in Thailand and more information on Fishing for Giant Snakehead in Thailand is available at Bangkok Hookers Blog

More info to come as I find it!

Location maps and GPS coordinates for Thailands top fishing venues are available free on the fishing pages of




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