Pilot 111 Fishing – The best Fly Fishing Venue in Thailand?

5 12 2010

Giant Snakehead (Toman), Barramundi, Pacu, Redtail and Catfish Lure Fishing and Fly Fishing

Pilot 111 Fishing has grown with the increasing number of visiting anglers.  They now offer some of the most sought after  predator fishing in Thailand, the Giant Snakehead.  The Giant Snakehead has had unprecedented media exposure since appearing on several fishing series on National Geographic Channel.

River Monsters (Season 2 Episode 3) was dedicated to the Giant Snakehead and the footage from Thailand has caused a surge in interest in fishing for the Giant  Snakehead or Pla Shadow it is known locally. Toman is the local name used in Malaysia and Singapore where these fish are also indigenous.

Giant Snakehead Fishing on Fly Fly Fishing Bangkok

You can now fish for these “Movie Star” predators at Pilot111, more details at www.john-tom.com on the fishing pages.

Pilot 111 Fishing Park Lure Fishing and Fly Fishing is probably the best Fly Fishing venue in Thailand at this time.

Barramundi up to 12kg, Giant Snakehead and Striped Snakehead, Pacu, Asian Redtail Catfish, Spotted Featherback (Spotted Knifefish) and Mekong Giant Catfish are in 10 large artificial lakes, 2 of which are home to the Giant Snakehead.

Barramundi Fly Fishing Barramundi Fly fishing in Bangkok Barramundi Fishing in Thailand

Barramundi Fishing on Fly in Bangkok Fishing Thailand Pilot111 Fly Fishing in Thailand

Open 0900-1800hrs Saturday to Thursday,
Closed on Friday

500 Baht per Rod per day – yes less than $17.00 (US) per rod Per Day

Giant Snakehead Fly Fishing Fly Fishing Thailand Fly Fishing and Lure Fishing Thailand

GPS coordinates – Location is 13.549047 N, 100.947157 E (Decimal Degrees)

The nearest exit on the Buraphar Whittee Expressway (above Bangna-Trad Highway at about km 42) is East 4-06 near the junction of Highway 3 and Highway 7

Download the Google Earth kmz file from www.John-Tom.com

Contact Lek on 086 316 8773 – Khun Lek speaks English and she is the owner of the fishing park along with her husband who used to be a Ship Captain and Harbour Pilot (hence the name Pilot 111).

Need Fly Fish Equipment in Thailand? – go to Tae Fly Fishing Shop in Bangkok




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