Fly Fishing Equipment Suppliers in Thailand

26 11 2010

Tae Fishing Shop – ร้าน Tae fishing แต้อุปกรณ์ตกปลา

Tae Fishing Shop

Thailand is very limited on shops that stock fly fishing equipment, but there is one good one located on Nawamin Soi 163 (Amon Wiwat) in the Klong Kum district of Bangkok.

GPS Coordinates of Tae Fishing Shop – N 13.834032, E 100.655544 Decimal Degrees

Google KMZ file can be downloaded here – Download this KMZ file and open with Google Earth for satellite Pics and Navigation, directions etc.

Telephone Mr Tae (Dare or Dtare is the nearest pronunciation) 083 298 4905 for more info (limited English so a visit is better than a phone call)

The destination for all your fly fishing needs – Tae is an active and skilled Fly fisherman who can help you with choice of equipment, locations and technique, a must for the visiting fly fisherman.

Fly tying materials and tools.

Biggest selection of fly fishing rods, reels, lines and Flies I have found.

Webboard for Tae Fishing is below – ร้าน Tae fishing แต้อุปกรณ์ตกปลา

Siam Fishing – Tae Fishing Shop

More details of Fly Fishing in Thailand at




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