Pneumatic Air Rifle Plans

10 03 2010

Plans to build a Pneumatic Multi pump Air Rifle. in Adobe PDF and AutoCAD DXF format.

The plans set includes 11 pages of full sized plans on A1, A2 (2 sheets) and 8 sheets of A3 sized pages. Parts are fully dimensioned for construction of the air rifle in the home workshop.

Measurements can also be taken direct from the drawings – no scaling required – with the measure tool which has been included in the Adobe software and unrestricted Autocad drawings.

This project will produce a multi-pump pre charged pneumatic air rifle that will produce a muzzle energy of just less than 12ft lbs (non firearms certificate legal limit in several countries)

Please check with local laws before constructing the air gun from these plans – is not responsible if you use the plans to make an overpowered rifle which requires firearms certification.

The plans require a donor barrel and stock – these items are not deemed as suitable for home building due to the specialist tooling required.

The construction of the air rifle with these plans is considered an intermediate project, not recommended for the beginner. Some model engineering or workshop experience with the usual home workshop tools and machinery will be required to make this project.

It is stressed that local laws be checked before starting this project.

For more Details and Plans go to




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