Fishing for Giant Snakehead – Channa micropeltes

16 09 2009

Bang Phra Dam in Chonburi is probably the closest venue to Bangkok for catching Giant Snakehead and Jungle Perch.

Bang Phra Dam

Bang Phra Dam

Located in Chonburi near to the Kao Keow Open Zoo it is only a crow’s hop from Bangkok and you are in the wild fishing for jungle perch on Fly or Lure fishing for Giant Snakehead.

The good news is that it only costs 300 Thai Baht for a half day or 600 baht for the full day to hire a boat with a guide to row you to the various fishing locations on the dam.

Bang Phra Fishing

Bang Phra Fishing

More Details including directiond and GPS coordinates are available at my website on the fishing pages

Fishing in Thailand

Bang Phra Reservoir

Bang Phra Reservoir

Giant Snakehead - channa micropeltes

Giant Snakehead - channa micropeltes

This is an ideal location for a one day or even half day fishing trip, the boat hire staff are friendly and helpful and you can not go wrong for the price.  We had a great days fishing catching Giant Snakehead on Surface Lures early morning then moving on to fishing for Jungle Perch on Fly before sitting down to lunch then making our way back to Bangkok in the afternoon while the traffic is good.

A great mornings fishing.




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