Ghillie Suit – 3d Camouflage

31 08 2009

A  “Stand Up” three dimensional camouflage system – effective without hiding the majority of the body, the system achieves one of the best results of camouflage in plain sight.  This system is designed for fast moving combat games such as Paint Ball or Airsoft and can be used for hunting.  The system is especially suited to Bow Hunting as the camouflage is designed to be effective while standing up in plain view.

The camouflage is coloured and tailored for the local environment – in this case it is geared towards the leafy tropical forest found in central Thailand.  Of course the suit can be used in the traditional prone position with the appropriate changes to the texture and colours used.

The following vide demonstrates the effectivness of the system at very close range – remember that the subjects are in plain view, not laying prone and not hiding behind any large objects.

More details are available at my website – on the camouflage pages




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