Long Tail Boat Racing in Thailand

19 08 2009

August 2009 – Long Tail boat races are held regularly in the Thai provinces, many owners and teams travel to compete in the competitions – the winnings are status and a trophy and a prize money that just above covers the cost of the fuel and transport.

Many of the competitors are owners/workers of the small engineering shops scattered around the provinces that maintain, fabricate and repair farming equipment. Success at the boat races brings more custom to the shop and the prestige of having a successful race team.

The fastest speed recorded while I was at the race was 165 kmh or 102 mph and was confirmed by radar gun.

I only saw one dipping when a boat shattered a prop at full speed which caused the pilot to do a spectacular cartwheel along the water surface with the remains of the prop missing his forehead by inches as the boat continued on its way – lucky escape!

More info can be found at the longtail page at www.john-tom.com




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