Classic Wooden Boat Plans

16 07 2009

A quick update to inform the interested ones out there that a new plans page has been added to my website –

The Classic Wooden Boat Plans Page details model wooden boats, some free plans and some premium plans are available for download and there are more plans being added weekly.

The plans are all easy to follow so there is no need to spen all that money on the ready warp completed hardwood model that with crack if it sees water – make your own and buy some tools with the saving!

All the plans are RC friendly and you can ensure the quality of the materials and workmanship becuse you are making it.

I have seen many of the Vietnam hardwood boats after being exposed to water – they without fail crack and warp within a couple of weeks.  be warned.

Time consuming – yes but not expensive, the materials are readily available and you can properly waterproof the inside of the model as you build it – something that you can not do to your ready made option which is designed as a show model, not as a working RC model..

Some plans are CNC friendly, frame templates come on Autocad files that can be loaded into CNC software and the frames cut by machine – speeds up the build and ensures accuracy.

No customs duty or import duties, the plans are sent by email.

More info at my website –

Check out the model Boats at Model Power Boat Plans Page




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