Barrett M82A3 .50 Caliber Rifle Home Built Airsoft Sniper Rifle Replica

18 04 2009

The new Project –  build a full scale replica of the Barrett M82 .50 Cal Rifle or M107

The Airgun Plans Page now has the plans ready including  guides, photographs and template patterns to make a fully functional Airsoft Barrett M82 using a donor AEG (M16 or M4)


The plan set consists of 10 sheets of plans – A0, A1, A3 sized sheet in Adobe PDF format and Build Photographs to guide the production of the replica .50 caliber sniper rifle



The replica is not capable of firing or even chambering live ammunition and can not be modified to become a functional firearm.  The replica can be converted to and Airsoft AEG and the plan set includes templates for installing a gearbox and magazine from an Airsoft M4 or M16 which is used as a donor for the internal working parts.


More info and plans at and the Airgun Plans Page




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