Browning Machine Gun .50 Cal M2 – Full Scale Replica

9 03 2009

Made for a combined Airsoft and Paintball Beach Assault skirmish  held in Bangkok in July 2008

1:1 stand off scale Ma Deuce that fires paintballs via a full auto capable paintball marker that has been modified to fit inside the body of the gun.

Plans for the semi-scale full size Browning M2 used in the skirmish are up for download already and details of this version and photographs of the build are listed on the Plans Page

The outer barrel is made from aluminium tubing and the body from 3mm sheet aluminum with GRP 10mm sheet for the top and bottom to add a little weight.

Very simple riveted construction with PVC pipe fittings for some of the round stock and a welded steel tripod made from reclaimed steel tubing

A full scale replica that is in distinguishable from a real Browning M2 is now under contruction – plans will be available for download from Air Gun Plans Page in late March or early April 09

Go to my website for more videos and plans for Engines, Jets, Air Guns and RC




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