Fishing Thai Style – Lopburi

3 10 2008

A recent business meeting took me to Lopburi in central Thailand, so it would have been rude not to go and look at the fishing scene.  No tourists here, only people earning money by catching fish by selling what they do not eat.

Net fishing needs almost impossible coordination, skill and judgement to be successful and that is after you have hand made your own net!

A lot of time is spent maintaining and repairing the net.  This man cycles 15km every day to come fishing at this spot and he does it more for the activity rather than earning money.

The boats on the reservoir set gill nets and traps for fish and is an all day task to set and collect.  The heat with the sun reflecting of the water is almost unbearable and these fishermen certainly earn their catch. 

The boat is powered by a small diesel engine from a farm machine with a long tail prop attached.  You will notice that the fisherman is completely covered up wearing long sleeves and a balaclava to avoid the direct heat from the sun.

This girl was fishing at Sab Takien reservoir in Lopburi province, a group of 6 women fish 5 days a week for Nile Tilapia which they sell at the local markets.  They use rubber  inflatable rings to float across the deeper 

 areas of the reservoir and gain access to the small islands where the fishing is better.  They are in the water for up to 8 hours a day and are experts at fishing – I did not see any of them miss a strike or lose a fish and the fish where unhooked and in the keep net withing seconds.  


Today, as usual outside of Bangkok,  everybody was very friendly and did not mind taking time to stop working and sit and talk to me.

The Bar Sak reservoir is located in Lopburi Province at 15.067980 N, 101.079053E and the Sab Takien Reservoir is located at  15.11140 N, 100.99721 E

More info on Fishing In Thailand and the species of fish is available at




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