Fishing at Bungsamran for Giant Catfish and Carp

28 08 2008

More fishing at Bungsamran – These videos have been compiled from the last two fishing trips with the odd older photo thrown in for good measure.

At Bung Samran in Bangkok there are world record breaking fish, Mekong Giant Catfish over 130kg and Siamese Giant Carp over 100kg. so the normal tackle is very heavy duty.  The normal for Thai fishermen is a Rod similar in length and strength to a boat rod and a multiplier reel with PE braid rated at 40 to 80 lbs

Westerners tend to use the hire rods from the 7 Seas Tackle Shop at Bung Samran which are a little longer with fixed spool reel (similar to a Shimano Baitrunner) – perfectly good for the job.

The lighter tackle has to be used with care – bait, presentation and depth suited to the smaller Striped Catfish and the other smaller residents and is best only attempted with a guide or experienced local fishermen.

Heavy Tackle

Light Tackle Video

More info is available at my website on the fishing page




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