RC Baby Bootlegger V-bottom Powerboat racer from 1924

23 08 2008

Baby Bootlegger V-bottom racer

Recently completed semi scale model – not an RC racing machine, more a show model that moves.

The Baby Bootlegger is a V-bottom Gold Cup racer from the 1920’s Baby Bootlegger won the 1924–25 Gold Cup and Harmsworth trophy.  It was one of the last non hydro boats to win the Harmsworth Trophy and  Gold Cups.  After the stepped hydroplanes were introduced the displacement hulls could not compete and likewise the stepped hydroplanes could not compete with the 3 point hydros that still race today.

The stepped hydro still exists in a developed form today – the offshore racers use a stepped V hull

The hull is constructed from 3mm Balsa Planking over CNC cut Plywood frames. The outer skin is Teak veneer which is sanded and finished with 2 pack High Gloss Varnish – See the end of the video clip for build photographs

The boat handle reasonably well until too much power is applied and the boat starts to fully plane.  This causes bow steer and is almost impossible to control untill the power is let off.

More Details at www.john-tom.com




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