Thai Freshwater Fish – Giant Gouramy

9 07 2008

The Giant Gouramy (Osphronemus Gouramy) or Pla Raad as the locals call it are a common freshwater fish in Thailand.  I caught this fish at Bungsamran  last year when it was only 2 inches long and decided it would move in with us.

One year later and it measures a healthy 11.5 inches long and has outgrown two fish tanks.  The fish reach enormous sizes in the wild – up to 27.5 inches or 700mm in length so I have probably not purchased my last fish tank.

The gouramy eats fish pellets and is primarily vegitarian but will eat basically anything you put in the tank including small fry fish if it is hungry – it also splashes around when annoyed by missing a feed – quite a character

If you live in Bangkok you can buy one at the morning market outside JJ Mall every Thursday morning.  This is the wholesale fish dealers venue next to Chatuchak Weekend Market and as usual you can buy anything from a Goldfish to a Giant Siamese Carp at wholesale prices.

Giant Gouramy
  • Giant Gouramy
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