A Clean Sweep

29 06 2008

Today was bristling with excitement as I traveled around the outskirts of Bangkok in the Talard Thai area with the specific intention of finding an overloaded brush selling motor tricycle – I kid you not.

The Brush Salesman

There have been rumours of high pressure brush salesmen selling overpriced brushes to unsuspecting Thai housewives during the day.  The normal tactics of cleaning appliance sales apply with demonstrations of superior cleaning power, superior construction and low power consumption.

I interviewed the salesman seen here in the photograph after a brief chase

Mike Gwart has been a Brush and Feather Duster salesman since the Economy problems forced his families Refrigeration business into bankruptcy 5 years ago

He explained that his family had been very successful in their chosen line of business and had been regarded as Refrigerator Magnates in the local business community.  After the problems Mike decided to make a clean sweep and start his own enterprise and brush aside the family problems.  Mr Gwart continued by revealing the brushes where made with materials obtained free of charge, the handles made from bamboo and the bristles made from coconut twigs for stiff brushes and a grass or basil for the soft brushes.

He complained that one of the hazards of the sales round was being chased by feral dogs so he had bought a pedigree Jack Russel / German Shepherd cross from Chatuchak market (with a genuine Thai Kennel Club Pedigree photcopy) to ward off any potential attacks. The Brush

The interview was cut short by a loud Boom! Boom! from the motorcycles exhaust backfiring and I waved good bye to Mike Gwart and wished him the best of luck

More Thailand adventures soon




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