World Class Fishing in Bangkok

29 05 2008

You would not associate Bangkok with great fishing but it has a few hidden jewels – one is Bung Samran

Located on Nawamin Road on the outskirts of Bangkok it holds 10 IGFA world Records for freshwater fish and is about 20 acres in size with depths up to 12m – it holds the Giant Mekong Catfish in large numbers and the biggest ones are reported to be over 120kg or 265lbs and has rumours of a 300lbs plus Arapiama and carp upto 240lbs

My personal bests out of Bung Samran are a Giant Mekong Catfish at 71kg (156lbs) and a Siamese Giant Carp at 22kg (48lbs) – Check out my Fishing in Thailand page on my website for more photographs and details

Mekong Giant Catfish 71kg Bungsamran Fishing Giant Siamese Carp

What else can you do in Bangkok? – more to come in the next couple of days




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