1/16th Scale Knuckle Boom Hydraulic Crane Plans

10 08 2017

Plans to build a model 1/16th Scale Hydraulic Knuckle Boom Crane are now available.

For More Information and Plan Set Contents please visit one of the websites linked below:



Crane Plans


1/10th Scale Micro Tunnelling Machine

13 06 2017

A good search of the web and I could not find a set of plans to make a model tunnelling machine.  I decided to change that!

To keep the parts a reasonable size and a model that would fit on a shelf, I settled for a Microtunnelling machine in 1/10th scale.  The real machine is 1050mm in diameter and the model is 105mm.  The Plan Set included the Tunnelling Machine, Hydraulic Jacks, Guide Rails and Thrust Ring.

Plans are available at ReplicaPlans.com and John-Tom.com

Why not build a Cannon?

20 05 2017

A great project for the large replica builder, a 6lb Naval Cannon with carriage.

Plans are available from John-Tom.com and ReplicaPlans.com along with more details on the plan set.

1.4m long Atlas Van Lines Hydroplane Model – 1/6th Scale

18 05 2017

Just completed a special request for an up-scaled version of the Atlas Van Lines Model Hydroplane for a customer in Australia.

The model is 1.4m long and is a massive build at 1/6th scale.

Full sized plans for 1/6th scale showing 3 view and parts in Adobe PDF format and AutoCAD.

Contact me at via www.John-Tom.com if you would like a big one!


or download the 1/8th scale plans for free at

John-Tom Power Boat Plans


RC Knuckle Boom Truck Crane

16 05 2017

1/16th Scale Knuckle Boom “Hiab” Plans for the Model Engineer

The Project is now in the finishing stages and plans will be available in AutoCAD and Adobe PDF format and CNC G Code will be included in the plan set for those model makers that wish to cut the parts on a Laser or CNC Router.

Decals will also be included in the plan set.

The plans are suitable for making a Radio Controlled replica, but no hydraulics are covered in the plan set and this should be considered an advanced builders option.

Watch this space for updates!!!!

or Contact me for more details at www.John-Tom.com or www.ReplicaPlans.com



Klimek Tug Boat 1/20th Scale Frame Kit and Plans

12 05 2017

Klimek Tug Boat 1/20th Scale Frame Kit and Plans

Klime Frame Kit and Cabin Klimek Large Scale Plan Set Klimek Maodel Tug Boat 20th Scale

Klimek Blueprints Klimek Bliueprints Large Scale Tug Boat Blueprints

Model Length : 833mm (32.8″)

Model Beam : 222mm (8.75″)

Height to top of Cabin : 286.5mm (11.3″)

Plywood Sheet Dimensions –

600x350mm at 4.5mm thickness (24″ x 14″ at 3/16th” thickness) – 4 Sheets Required (Frames and Deck)

600x350mm at 2.5mm thickness (24″ x 14″ at 3/32nd” thickness) – 2 Sheets Required (Cabin)

600x350mm at 3.0mm thickness (24″ x 14″ at 1/8″ thickness) – 2.5 Sheets Required (Planking)



Klimek Tug Boat Frame Kit Klimek Tugboat Frame Plans Klimek 1/20th Scale Tug Boat Klimek Tug Boat Plans

Klimek Deck Klimek Deck Plans Klimek Planking

Klimek Build photographs Klimek Tugboat Plans Large Scale Klimek Tug Boat Plans

Klimek Tug Boat Frame Kit Plans Klimek 20th Scale Plans

The Frame Kit Plan Set and Large Format Plans includes:

7 AutoCAD .dxf format files of Frame Profiles and Toolpath Vectors

7 AutoCAD .dwg format files of Frame Profiles and Toolpath Vectors

7 GCode Files along with a Text Document detailing Tooling and Material Sizes

7 Adobe PDF Full Sized Template Sheets

7 Adobe PDF 6 Page A4 Tiled Sheets for printing on a Home Printer

1 Adobe PDF Large Format 20th Scale White Paper Drawing of Klimek and Frames/Cabin/Deck

3no. A3 Sized Blueprint Scans of Klimek

1 no. 48 page Build Photograph Document describing the build of Klimek at 1/20th Scale

Files are send via Email Attachment once Payment Has Cleared


72″ Mono Hull Frame Kit Plans

12 05 2017

72" monohull 72 Monohull Plans Monohull Frame Kit Plans 72" Monohull Plans Frame

72″ (1829mm) length, 15″ (380mm) width

The Fame Kit plans contain the following:

17 No. AutoCAD .DWG files in metric

15 No. GCode files for CNC Cutting of Frames

6 No. Information files for Printing, Measuring and Paper Sizes and Free AutoCAD Software links

16 No. Full Sized Templates in Adobe PDF format, repeated in separate A3 Tiled and A4 Tiled versions for printing on Home Printer Paper.

A 78 Page Photo Build Album of the assembly and finishing of the boat.

Plans are in metric units of measurement.